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YAERD is a free online educational tool for real estate investors to educate themselves from industry experts on all types of real estate investments including Biloxi Go Zone tax shelter properties, triple net leases, preconstruction buy outs, as well as any other type of investing that makes fiscal sense.

YAERD Services:
» Forum for Investors to Discuss Investment Deals
» Increasing an Individual's Buying Power by Negotiating as a Group
» Updated Blog by Numerous Industry Experts
» Weekly Real Estate Investing Pod Casts
» Free Online Education Real Estate Seminars is an international web 2.0 collaboration of real estate investors, brokers and developers.

We are here to help the individual real estate investor locate and build a solid portfolio of real estate investments. We focus on finding real Investment Property in emerging markets. Our members have earned significant profits from using our powerful relationships with developers and The Real Estate Investment Playbook. We offer preconstruction investment, new construction investment, residential investment, and commercial investment listings, advice, information, resources and education.

The individuals that make up our organization have earned significant profits from uniting as a powerful negotiating entity. We are continually seeking more people to add to our organization to further increase our negotiating fortitude and investment opportunities. We like to call the people in our organization "partners". is unlike many investor groups whose motives are to charge you upfront membership fees to join an "inner circle" or "premium membership" or to sell you over priced & over hyped recycled courses and e-books. simply wants to build the largest network of real estate investors and leverage the power of this ever growing organization to the mutual benefit of everybody involved.

If you are serious about investing in real estate, want to build amazing wealth over time, want to see a diversity of opportunities in emerging markets then it is imperative that you become a partner with us by joining the Real Estate investment Organization.

Remember, registration is FREE and being a partner is a great way for you to become a hardcore real estate investor or sharpen your skill set.

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The Real Estate Investment Playbook

Assured Income Plays
A turn key and hassle free approach when
coupled with aggressive incentive packages mitigates market risk and promotes long term hold strategies

Value Plays
Slow and steady are these markets.
Investors who go with value plays are typically in markets are not seeing big incentives or discounts simply because the markets are more in balance and there is no need for developers to be very aggressive with the investor community

Tax Shelter Plays
For investors looking to advantage
of tax incentives offering by the government to help rebuild. Places like the GO Zone and Liberty Zone.

Vulture Opportunity Plays
Since multiple units purchases are typically required in order to obtain these discounts Vulture Plays are for serious players only, i.e. High Net Worth Individual Investors, Partnerships Hedge Funds and International Investment Groups that are looking to acquire units in bulk at wholesale pricing.

Triple Net Lease Plays
For the advanced investor, learn about the methods and opportunities used by the affluent to increase their portfolios with long term, credit rated corporations as your tenants, and in certain circumstances have your tenant's pay for all incidentals in management of your Investment Property making these investments truly turnkey. Tenant & Cap Rates very by market.


Investment Real Estate Loan Update

The investor and second home loan markets have been rapidly changing. is committed to keeping you updated of these changes and working with our community and mortgage partners to bring the best investment products available. Learn more about the latest changes in investment real estate loans.

Emerging Real Estate Market Investing
Investing in emerging real estate markets has always been a major part of the business model of big national and global real estate funds. Analysts at these firms would study market data to understand exactly which part of the business cycle different markets are in and where the opportunities lie. After targeting these markets these funds then would go and analyze the specific investments, be it cash flow properties like apartment, office and retail or more speculative land deals. Read more about emerging real estate market dynamics.

Fed Funds Rate Effect on Real Esate
You hear it on the news all the time. Will the Fed lower rates? Will the Fed raise rates? The most important question of all, of course, is: how does it affect me? A little background is in order. The Federal Reserve is the central banking system of the United States, and as such acts to preserve the stability of the monetary system. Learn more about the federal funds rate effect on real estate.

How to Land a Good Real Estate Investment Deal
You can land a good real estate deal, and then, you can land an exceptional real estate deal. The difference between a deal that is just so-so, and one that blows the roof off your profit expectations can be attributed to some very simple factors that work to make your deal that much sweeter.

How to Land a Good-Real Estate Investment Deal

Investing in Real Estate
Making money in today's world can be a simple venture if you are willing to do the proper research. There are a variety of ways you can attain personal wealth and one of the most popular is to purchase investment real estate properties. Browsing the internet you will find many stories of those that have made a pile of money doing just that.

Investing in Real Estate

How Education Affects Property Prices
Smart real estate investors know that there is one common thread running through profitable investment decisions in property - the availability of high quality schools and universities. No matter what the housing market looks like, you can almost always expect university towns and neighborhoods located near top performing schools to stay afloat.

How Education Affects Property Prices

Determining Supply and Demand in Real Estate
Timing is everything when it comes to investment in real estate. You have to be able to determine the speed and direction of the market place, and the relationship between supply and demand. These factors will give you a fairly clear picture of whether it's the right time to invest.

Determining Supply and Demand in Real Estate

Why Invest in Real Estate
Real estate investment is one of the most lucrative sectors, giving investors greater returns on investment with very few risks. Investment in real estate is still seen as a favorable option, compared to trading in precious metals. Many countries offer real estate investors considerable tax benefits and deductions, adding to the lure of this sector.

Why Invest in Real Estate

How to List Your Investment Property
If you are selling an Investment Property or buying one to rent it out, the most important question is your listing price. Market fluctuations will determine your rental price to a great extent. Begin by getting a comparable. This is the rental price that another property of the same size in your neighborhood is available for.

How to List Your Investment Property

How to Invest in Real Estate
There are three main factors that govern real estate investment. The secret of success in real estate and especially in town houses and co operatives, is to take in to consideration all three factors. Merely buying a property based on its location does not guarantee results. There is more than the location to consider.

How to Invest in Real Estate

Investing in Biloxi, Mississippi Real Estate

Biloxi, MS is quickly rising up the list for cities to invest in for 2006. Many beach front homes in Biloxi, MS have been demolished opening the perfect opportunity for real estate investors to come in and rebuild the town without government help or financial aid. Learn about Biloxi MS real estate investment

Who Are Fractional Ownership Homes For?

Regardless of income, the target audience for fractional ownership real estate properties is affluent travelers looking for a second home that is at least as plush as their primary residence, but are unwilling to foot the entire bill themselves, deal with renters (and the problems that are often associated with them) or keep up with property maintenance.

Investment Real Estate is Booming

So you want to start buying new construction investment real estate in the preconstruction phase but you don’t know where to get started? Let us help you through the process:

1. Research the market and find the best areas for investment real estate, make sure the articles you’re reading are current and really make an effort to talk to others in the investment real estate industry.

2. Find a trustworthy real estate brokerage that you feel has your best interests in mind. Be sure the brokerage has a large selection of properties and be sure to take suggestions but don’t let them does not pressure you into one or another.

3. Find financing, often times brokerages will have special deals for clients as far as financing goes if a client buys from them. For example, clients that buy from YAERD receive a better rate than most other places because they forfeit their commission and give it to the clients.

4. Contact your investment real estate brokerage and ask them for the reservation form and send it in to the developer to hold in an escrow account and you’re on your way to becoming a real estate investor.

If You Invest in the Following Arenas Then Contact YAERD Today and Find the Easiest Method for Real Estate Investing

Foreclosures * Fixer Uppers * Rehabs Lease Options * Lease Purchase * Rent-to-Own * Notes and Trust Deeds * No Money Down * Hard Money Loans * Tax Liens Tax Certificates * Tax Deeds * Buy and Hold * Commercial Real Estate * Multi-family Apartments

Whether you’re looking for financing for your townhouse, searching for a pre-construction investment condo in Florida , or trying to locate the ideal investment condominium in Las Vegas – YAERD can help you find what you’re looking for.

Investment Real Estate Listings - YAERD offers the most up to date investment real estate listings of choice developments and projects online.

Commercial Investment Properties - Find the best investment commercial real estate properties in our commercial real estate directory.

Real Estate Investment MLS Search - Try our new easy to use investment real estate MLS search tool for the most update property listings.

Investing Real Estate Brokers - Forget dealing with high pressure real estate brokers that are overpaid and under educated. All of our brokers are hand picked and well informed on the different projects and developments.

Real Estate Investing Financing - Did you know that YAERD realty groups forfeit any additional points on financing through our partner companies? Our commission goes straight to helping the client get the best deal possible.

Arizona Real Estate Investment

View our Arizona Investment Properties
For Sale

Phoenix Arizona real estate investment information, advice, and available properties for sale in Phoenix, AZ. Phoenix Arizona real estate investment

Scottsdale Arizona real estate listings and information on available properties for sale in Scottsdale AZ. Scottsdale Arizona Real Estate Investment

Chandler Arizona real estate investment properties and information. Get advice on investment in Chandler AZ. Chandler Arizona Real Estate Investment

Gilbert Arizona Real Estate Investment Properties for sale. Property listings and information for available properties in Gilbert AZ. Gilbert Arizona Real Estate Investment

Orlando Investment Real Estate Properties

Orlando maybe one of the hottest investment real estate hot spots for the next several years for a multiple of reasons. One of the main factors is that Orlando is the tourism capital of the world and tourism is a recession proof market. No matter how tough things get people always go on vacation and because of this the market appears to be strong for the next several years.

Have questions about the Orlando investment real estate market? Click the link below...



Search's Interactive Map

Find Developers, Financing and Approved Realtors locally or in your desired area on's interactive property map. Use our suggested locations or search on your own.
Start Searching Now . Guide to Real Estate Investment

Learn more about real etate investment by reading this new guide. Includes advce and information on selecting the right investment, long term investing, short term investing, and when and how to sell your property. Read Our Real Estate Investment Guide .

Learn the Benefits of Preconstruction Real Estate

Preconstruction real estate is emerging as one of the most profitable and cost effective ways to invest in high ROI areas such as Florida and Las Vegas. Learn the benefits of preconstruction real estate to see if this investment strategy is for you.

Multiple New Construction and Pre-Construction Real Estate Investments for Sale provides one of the largest selections of new construction and preconstruction properties for sale on the Internet. We understand that finding the perfect real estate Investment Property can be difficult and we're here to help. Feel free to call our real estate investing advice hotline or visit our NEW Investment Real Estate Forum and ask your peers.

Your Investment Real Estate Search is Over

Are you searching for preconstruction investment real estate homes or properties but don't know where to look or which brokerages you can trust? can be contacted at (1-877-923-7370). Our partners have been in the real estate industry for more than 20 years. We know which developers can deliver, which areas are worth investing in, and how soon an investor should flip the real estate.

Orlando, Florida Investment Info and Advice
With so many Realtors in Orlando and throughout Florida, we know it's hard to choose the best one. We hope that after reviewing our credentials, you decide to use YAERD services for all your realtor and mortgage lender needs.
Florida Realtor Information

Real Estate Investments in Miami, Florida

Stop searching. You have found the best Miami realtor web site on the web. Our Realtors in Miami offer superb real estate services and are sure to find you the perfect Miami Investment Property . Learn more about Miami Real Estate Investment

Vacant land in Orlando Florida is predicted to increase at nearly three times the national average in 2007
, get your piece of Orlando vacant land today and see why investors all over the country are buying and building.

There are many properties available for purchase due to foreclosure.
The foreclosure market is becoming more competitive. Use our foreclosure search tool to learn more about foreclosures.

Orlando new home builders are known for their creative designs, quality workmanship, and attention to detail. If you're in the market for a new home give us a call today and let one of our agents that specialize in new home construction guide you to in building your new home. Contact YAERD today.

Are you looking for a great low cost investment in Orlando, Fl
or just looking for a new home in one of the fastest growing cities in the United States? Give us a call today and let one of our agents hope you find the perfect Orlando townhouse today. Orlando Florida Time share Purchasing advice

Tampa Florida Real Estate Investment Property Information

Find the perfect Tampa investment real estate or vacation property for you. Search though our Tampa home prices, appreciation rates, types of homes (including Condos, Townhouses, single family homes, and resort communities, and so much more. Tampa Florida Real Estate Investment Properties

Real Estate Resources

Interactive Map
Search properties, realtors and financing by location through our interactive map.

Real Estate Forum
Discuss investment strategy and pose questions to other investors.

Where to Invest
Location, location, location... Advice on where to put your money.

Investment Real Estate
Tips on where, how, and through who you should purchase investment real estate.

Gainesville Florida Investment Real Estate Advice, Listings and information.

Information and advice on Gainesville Florida can be found on this page. Read about Gainesville Florida strategies for investment and information on available properties for sale for investment or residential purchase in the Gainesville Florida area. Gainesville Florida Real Estate Investing

New York City Real Estate Investment

We offer Real estate investment opportunities in New York City (NYC). We offer New York condos, suites, villas, townhouses, resort properties, preconstruction, and investment real estate. New York City Real Estate Investment

Pittsburgh Commercial Real Estate, Office Space, Retail Space & Commercial Agents

The following page includes information on Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania commercial real estate for sale. Contact our agents to receive information on commercial real estate purchase and Investment Property for sale in Pittsburgh PA. Pittsburgh Commercial Real Estate

Real Estate Investing in Las Vegas, Nevada

When you think Las Vegas, NV most people think of striking it rich in one of it’s high class casino’s or taking in one of it’s world famous shows. Though when real estate investors think Las Vegas dollar signs often come to mind. Although there are not as many quality investment properties in Las Vegas, NV there are enough opening up in 2006 to be considered worth while.

With land prices as high as they are in Las Vegas, you need a real estate brokerage that you can trust. You need a brokerage that can not only show you the different types of land for sale in Las Vegas, but also show you the preconstruction developments that are opening up in the area.

Investing in Biloxi, Mississippi Real Estate

Biloxi, MS is quickly rising up the list for cities to invest in for 2006. Many beach front homes in Biloxi, MS have been demolished opening the perfect opportunity for real estate investors to come in and rebuild the town without government help or financial aid.

New Construction Investment Advice

Buying a new construction investment home or investment property is different than buying traditional real estate although most of the rules are similar. New construction property sales representatives work for the builder (unless you’re dealing with an independent real estate brokerage). If you buy a new home through the builder’s sales rep you will have no one representing your interests...

Please use links below to navigate to different real estate related pages on Yaerd:

Florida Investment Real Estate

Las Vegas Investment Real Estate

Orlando Investment Real Estate

Florida Vacation Homes

Florida Preconstruction Real Estate

Las Vegas Preconstruction Real Estate

Popular investment areas for 2006

Cities and areas in Arizona:
Phoenix Scottsdale Tucson
Cities and Areas in Florida:
Miami Orlando Ft. Lauderdale Panama City Tampa St. Petersburg
Cities and Areas in Nevada:
Las Vegas
Areas and Cities in West Virginia:
Snow Shoe Mountain

New construction real estate developments and projects our brokerage offers:

* Condos
* Condominiums
* Townhouses
* Single Family Homes
* Condotels (Condo Hotels)
* Condo Conversions
* High Rise

Free Advice and Information on Real Estate Investment Courses, Books, And CDs.

Don't be fooled by real estate investing courses that claim you can make millions a year with no job, no money, and bad credit. The truth is it is VERY hard to make a good living with no start up capital not to mention bad credit and no job. Don't fall for the hype, these "guru's" are just selling you a dream and in reality very, very few people ever even make back the money for the course.

Why Buy a Time Share When you Can Buy a Fractional Ownership Condominium?

Unless you've been living under a rock for the last 20 years you know that a time share is almost always a bad investment. In fact I shouldn't even use the word "Investment" because that implies that chance that you may make money from an investment. In more then 20 years we've never seen a timeshare even come close to keep it's value let alone make someone money. The fact is if you're looking to purchase a timeshare you're money is much more well spent with a fractional ownership property. Fractional ownership properties are similar to time shares as where you buy a home with other people and share it but with fractional ownership vacation homes you get what you pay for. With a timeshare you often pay 5-6 times what the property is worth but no one notices because the price is split up among 25 people but with fractional ownership you pay what the going rate of the property is worth and you only have a 4-5 other people involved in the process so when the property does appreciate the money is split up among you evenly. You can also purchase fractional ownership vacation houses and condos in the preconstruction phase which means you can buy a property at BELOW market value for that area. No time share has ever offered anything even close to the deals the average fractional ownership can provide.

Do you have any questions about fractional ownership condos? Feel free to visit our NEW Investment Forum and post a question or call our hotline at the top of the screen.

Rental Income VS Land Appreciation –Real Estate Investing Strategies

If you want to make money focusing on land appreciation and not rental income, investment property offers this different strategy. Instead of worrying about rental income, look for property that you can transform and sell or property that will appreciate significantly over time a short amount of time (or preconstruction).

The Best Investment Real Estate Brokerage and Agents

Beware: There are many real estate brokerages and agents that only promote a handful of properties that pay them the highest percent of commission. You should do your due diligence and only work with someone you fully trust. Choosing the wrong agent or brokerage could mean financial ruin.

The Advantages & Disadvantages of Real Estate Investment

There are many things to consider when looking into real estate investment. For the educated real estate Investor, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. This article discusses some of the advantages and disadvantages, looks at common pitfalls, and explores winning strategies for real estate investment.

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