About Yaerd.org

We are YAERD.org, a tool for Your Advice and Education for Realty Development. The YAERD team is completely devoted to bringing quality information to all investors. There are many places to receive information, but we have found that quality information is rarely free, and the free information is rarely informative.

While browsing though the site, one can see that we have a lot of information to offer. We give you the who, what, why, where and when of investment real estate.

Further defined, this is...

  • Who to go through to buy the real estate
  • What types of development or real estate
  • Why it will be a good investment
  • Where the best developments and properties are
  • When the best time to invest will be.

Visit our investment real estate property list for suggestions on high return, consistent investment real estate opportunities.

Additionally, we have a section of statistics and resources and a section of general information on the details of safe investment. Why are we providing this valuable information for free? We have supporting parties that are motivated to inform the investing public as much as we are. Without private support, most of the information we have would be part of a resource that charges for information.

YAERD.org is committed to bringing the best opportunities to investors all over the world. Our staff is committed to bringing information and services to investors of all experience levels. For the more experienced investors, the agents are able to forward new opportunities and information catered to the specific needs of the individual investor. For the investors at a more novice level, YAERD offers valuable information such as a free monthly newsletter, informative web-sites, and a staff willing to educate investors with the best investment opportunities available. If there is something that you need to know and it is not on YAERD.org, feel free to call 1-877-923-7370 to talk to a representative who can answer your questions.