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The individuals that make up our organization have earned significant profits from uniting as a powerful negotiating entity. We are continually seeking more people to add to our organization to further increase our buying fortitude and investment opportunities. We like to call the people in our organization "partners". is unlike many investor groups whose motives are to charge you upfront membership fees to join an “inner circle” or "premium membership" or to sell you over priced, over hyped recycled courses and ebooks. simply wants to build the largest network of real estate investors and leverage the power of this ever growing organization to the mutual benefit of our partners.

A Surplus of Projects

Due to the surplus of projects we are offered, we filter them as to only offer the top properties to our partners. With such an abundance of properties in our queue, we are recruiting more partners to invest either in groups or as individuals. The real estate investment organization is a safe and profitable approach to real estate investing offering a comprehensive real estate investing playbook to help you build and diversify your portfolio. The playbook consists of:

  • Assured Income Plays
  • Built In Equity Plays
  • Pre-Preconstruction Plays
  • Vulture Opportunity Plays
  • High End Luxury Plays
  • International Plays
  • Phased Land Plays

The concept of the real estate investment organization is really quite simple, “The Power of the Group Exceeds the Power of The Individual”. Many developers approach because they are eager to sell their real estate in bulk so they can reduce their holding costs and mitigate their own risk of investment. Developers sometimes NEED to sell their units so they don't experience a loss. This means that they are often willing to contract to us to sell a portion of their inventory in bulk in order to create velocity in sales.

Increase Profit Potential While Decreasing Risk

When you join together with the real estate investment group you increase your profit potential while at the same time lowering your personal financial risk because you will be able to take advantage of bulk real estate acquisitions by the organization. This concept is a great way for you as an individual investor to achieve tremendous prices, incentives and or built in equity that you wouldn't have been able to achieve by yourself.

If you are serious about investing in real estate, want to build amazing wealth over time, want to see a diversity of opportunities in emerging markets then it is imperative that you become a partner with us by joining the Real Estate investment Organization.

Remember Registration is FREE and being a partner is a great way for you to become a hardcore real estate investor. Start profiting by investing in turn key and hassle free real estate investments!

No membership fees – No Selling Over Priced Courses- No Selling Over Hyped Seminars – No Selling Your Contact Information-

Partner with what is quickly becoming the largest FREE Real Estate Investment Organization on the Web!

Investment Real Estate Group Advice

Real estate investment is changing; what was once an individual venture is now becoming a collective project to better serve the good of the group as a whole. With power in numbers, real estate investment groups are quickly growing in popularity as their advantages are touted all over the media. This leaves much assumption on whether the lone investor is an out of date notion of simpler days when real estate investment was a straight-forward deal with very few people involved. In today’s quickly growing real estate industry, it seems the relevancy of the individual investor is waning and real estate investment groups are leveraging their buying power as they grow.

There is a new trend in the real estate investment industry, investment real estate groups or clubs. Real estate investment clubs are groups of investors who are on the same wave length and pool their resources in order to purchase units in the same Investment Property. Many investors find it to be a valuable tool to research future investments opportunities.

There are many benefits of joining a real estate investment group or club. They can be as fundamental as getting the opportunity to meet like minded investors from all over the world or the benefit of receiving investment discounts due to the real estate group's mass purchases.

Reasons investors often choose to form groups or clubs:

More information - The more real estate investors you have, the more knowledge attained by the group. Other investors have knowledge of bad developers or management companies. The groups are often comprised of investors from various locations, all of whom can supply information about their areas of expertise. With an assortment of personalities, interests, and backgrounds, a successful group can pool all their experience together to devise an ideal investment strategy.

More negotiating power – Investment real estate club members can insist on certain benefits from the developer that you could not get otherwise. Leverage is the main reason why investors start these clubs or groups. A developer might not be interested in individual concerns but, the involvement of a real estate investment group has a much stronger voice.

More choices - The more investors in your group, the more projects your group will find. Most investors who join a real estate investment club fare much better in this market than on their own. The projects that they find are a cut above the rest. Always remember, this market is about networking to find the available opportunities and these opportunities go fast.

Free incentives - Many times, developers will actually offer free incentives to real estate investment groups or clubs to create interest in their developments. These perks can include free cruises, a free stay at the resorts, or even free airfare and a bonus week at another resort owned by the developer. Do your research, sometimes these perks are a con but sometimes they are really good deals.